Here you will find the most important part of Manna. These pages are being split up in 3 main chapters:


This is where exercices are used to show progression of elements. A full description of an exercise would contain:

  • a short description, without technical details
  • one or more drawings, pictures or videos
  • a technical description
  • synonyms in different languages
  • extra information
  • helper techniques
  • error analysis
  • references
  • links to related pages
  • possible preparation exercises to teach the current exercise
  • possible elaborations for when the element is mastered

The exercises are collected through experiece, books, seminars, etc. The initial intention is to offer an extensive library of exercises for male gymnasts.

This site is made by an amateur gymnastics coach and is far from complete. The intention is that user can give input to extend and improve the library.


In preparation.


In preparation.