Apparatus/setup: floor

FIG element: A (0.1)

Description: Position where the body is fully vertically stretched supported by the hands.


  • handstand (Nederlands)
  • Handstand (Deutsch)
  • appui tendu renversé (Français)
  • colonne droite (Français)
  • équilibre (Français)

Attention points

  • inside of elbows pointing forward
  • neutral head
  • eyes watch the ground between the hands
  • tilt pelvis backward
  • heels and toes touch each other
  • open fingers for better support


Hands are at shoulder width and fingers pointing forward. Arms are fully stretched and shoulder are pushed out at the utmost. There cannot be any space between the shoulders and the head. The head stays neutral between the arms and can only tilt slightly backwards to see the hands. The back is stretched out completely by tilting the pelvis backwards. Legs and toest are fully stretched.

Error analysis

There is a curve in the lower back.

Causes: Lack of body perception. Lack of body tension. The head is pulled back in the neck.

Solution 1: The head needs to be held neutral. We can exaggerate by looking at the feet. This way the back will be more straight.

Solution 2: A helper gives counter pressure on the feet of the gymnast doing handstand. The gymnast will have to give counter pressure and extend to the maximum.