double leg circle

Apparatus/setup: mushroom

Description: Straight support turnover where the body makes a circle around the arms and the arms are being lifted when they pass the body.


  • kronen (Nederlands)
  • kreitsen (Nederlands)
  • flanken (Nederlands)
  • kringflanken (Nederlands)
  • kreisen (Deutsch)

Attention points

  • neutral head (don't look at hands)
  • keep support on 2 hands as long as possible to be able to keep making speed


The circles can be split up in following phases: front swing (1), back support (2), back swing (3) and front support (4).

During the complete movement the shoulders stay above the arms and the hips are always open. In the front swing the pelvis leads the movement. Here 1 arms supports the full body. The other arm is brought next to the body.

In the back support phase the body is stretched out to the utmost and is supported by the 2 hands behind the body.

In the back swing the heels lead the movement. The hips are open en 1 straight arm support the full body. The other arm is brought next to the body.

In the front support position the body is in an S-position with a hollow chest and the pelvis tilted backwards.

The hands need to be put back on the same place each time. Otherwise a correction needs to be made with the body, by which the stability of the exercise is jeopardized.

Error analysis

Angle in the pelvis in the back support.

Causes: Lack of body tension. The gymnast jumped into the circle, by which he already starts with an angle. The gymnast starts with his pelvis too high in front support. Pelvis doesn't lead in the front swing. Too little abduction of the arms.

Solution 1: Start circle by adding the second leg into the swing.

Solution 2: More physical preparation or go a step back (eg. circles in bucket).

Solution 3: Focus on "pelvis leads the movement".

Solution 4: First a good quarter turn before going further.

Not able to get back to front support.

Causes: Pelvis doesn't stay parallel with the apparatus. Shoulders do not stay above the hands. Hands are being placed to soon (Spindle) or too late.

Solution 1: Make the pelvis turn in the opposite direction in the backswing to keep the body parallel with the apparatus.

Solution 2: Lean in the opposite direction when doing circles; when the lower body goes right, the upper body goes left.

Solution 3: Slower movement with help for correct position of the hands.

Hitting the apparatus.

Causes: Too little speed. The little amplitude in the movement.

Solution 1: Close the legs faster when starting the circle.

Solution 2: Circles on mushroom with pommel with hands next to the pommel.

Solution 3: Keep tension.

too little speed

Cause: Too little support on both hands.

Solution: Keep support on both hands as long as possible (push/pull) and move hand as fast as possible.