Thomas flair

Apparatus/setup: Thomas-flair trainer

Description: Circle with straddled legs during the complete movement, supported by the Thomas-flair trainer.


  • Thomas kreitsen (Nederlands)

Extra information

The Thomas-flair trainer is a construction, consisting of a swivel and 2 pulleys. The apparatus is very easy to create with only little material.

First and foremost, you need a sturdy but light beam to attach everything to. An old electric tube can already serve, but actually any solid elongated object of about 1.50 m can be used. On the top screw 2 eye screws at the outer ends and also 2 eye screws at the bottom. This is where everything is attached to.

Take a strong piece of rope that is slightly longer than the beam and make a loop in the middle, which is where the swivel comes. Tie the rope on both sides of the top outer eye screw. With this the Thomas-flair trainer will be hung.

Attach a pulley on each of the bottom eye screws, so that the rope which runs through it is parallel to the beam. Thread a rope through both pulleys and make sure the rope is long enough so that you can stretch one leg up and one leg to the side.

To attach the feet you can best work with straps with velcro sewn on. You need 2 pieces, one for each side of the rope that runs through the pulleys. The strips can be made of old belt or firm ribbon. Ensure that there is some kind of loop on straps which can be attached to the ends of the rope.