roll forward tucked

Apparatus/setup: floor

Description: Forward roll over the head where the legs are bent during the exercise.


  • koprol voorwaarts (Nederlands)
  • voorwaarts rollen (Nederlands)
  • rol voorwaarts (Nederlands)
  • rol voorwaarts gehurkt (Nederlands)
  • roll forward (English)
  • roulade avant (Franšais)


In tucked sit we place the hands in front of us at shoulder width. While we push off on our feet we tuck in the head and place the neck on the ground between the hands. We keep in tucked position and make sure that legs and feet stay together. We place the feet as close as possible to the bottom and get up without using the hands.

Help techniques

pull up

pull up

The helper stands in front of the gymnast and grabs his hands after the roll, to help him up to standing position.