Apparatus/setup: rings

FIG element: A (0.1)

Description: In the back swing open the rings and turn shoulders inwards, ending in front swing.


  • inlokeren (Nederlands)
  • inkogelen (Nederlands)
  • inloque (Nederlands)
  • ▄berschlag vorwarts (Deutsch)
  • dislocation avant (Franšais)
  • renversement en avant (Franšais)

Attention points

  • look down in back swing
  • chest at ring height in back swing
  • open rings in back swing

Help techniques

chest and upper legs

chest and upper legs

At the point the gymnast gets into the back swing, the helper pushes the gymnast at the chest and upper legs to inlocate. With very active inloque, the helper needs to catch the gymnast in the front swing to avoid him falling off the rings.

Error analysis

The gymnast pikes during inlocate.

Causes: Back swing is too low. The gymnast tries to turn too fast.

Solution: Higher back swing with chest at ring height.